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    Rotor DR1 2/19 Updates

    18 February 2015 , by megan

    Behind the Scenes and 3D DR1 Test Flight We’re getting closer to having the 3D DR1 kits ready! Chad, Megan and Steve took a field trip to Flite Test to see the model in action. Check it out in the BTS video above! We also talked about potential desktop 3D models of DR1, we’d love to hear your thoughts on... Read more

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    Rotor DR1 2/11 Updates

    12 February 2015 , by megan

    Join Us For a Google/YouTube Hangout On Air! We’re doing a LIVE Google Hangout On Air over on our YouTube channel February 12 at 9PM EST! Join us to learn more about Chad’s recent trip to L.A., see our lovely new office space and talk all things Rotor DR1. We’ll be responding to comments in real-time, so if you have... Read more

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    Community Collaboration: 2/4 U...

    3 February 2015 , by megan

    Collaborate With Us! We know there hasn’t been as much activity lately because our focus is on finding distribution for the feature film. But there are still ways to participate and collaborate on Rotor DR1! There are some interesting discussions on our IMDb Rotor DR1 Message Board, and we’d love to have community members add text, photos and video... Read more

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    Merchandise: 2/4 Updates

    3 February 2015 , by megan

    Rotor DR1 3D Model Update! Community member Chris Starr and 3-D Legion LLC are making great progress on the 3D model of DR1! They are currently test printing the DR1 parts using a MakerBot printer, and are getting ever closer to having a complete model. Once the 3D files are ready to go, we’ll be making them available for free... Read more

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    Feature Film and Behind the Sc...

    3 February 2015 , by megan

    Behind the Scenes at the L.A. Preview Screening! We’re close to having the edit of the feature film ready for the final phases of post production. We’ve also added the new opening sequence! We’re really happy with how it turned out. Check out the new opening and let us know what you think in the YouTube comments: http://youtu.be/v0zZtm_43MQ. On Mon... Read more

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