Rotor DR1 is a web series and feature film that incorporates audience input and feedback into the content as it is created and developed. Community collaborators give feedback on story elements, characters, props, wardrobe, locations, casting and all other aspects of production, helping the production team make decisions and engaging the audience in the creative process. Rotor DR1 is the first web series/film developed as community collaborated entertainment, and was meant to pioneer innovative methods of creative development. During preproduction, the Rotor DR1 team provided a basic story concept to the community, then used the community’s insight to build the DR1 universe. Rotor DR1’s goal was to use the global community feedback to influence all aspects of production, creating truly collaborative entertainment with an audience that is involved from the ground up.


After a viral epidemic eliminates 90% of the world’s population, the survivors struggle to rebuild and reconnect with the world they’ve lost. Autonomous drones, originally meant to deliver vaccinations for the deadly disease, now fly aimlessly through the sky and are hunted for their parts and power sources.
But when a 16-year-old boy named Kitch stumbles upon a peculiar drone named DR1, clues about his long-lost father begin to surface. As Kitch defends his new drone from a local crime syndicate, he befriends one of its members, a young woman named Maya. With Maya’s encouragement and DR1 leading the way, the three travelers set out on a journey to find Kitch’s father. Potential enemies lurk around every corner and Kitch, Maya and DR1 must work together to navigate the unknown and find the answers they seek.


The near future, Midwest America, after an airborne viral outbreak. The remaining population is sparse, and many places now have more abandoned structures than people. Consumer goods are abundant, but resources are scarce.


After the viral outbreak, delivery drones were modified to deliver the vaccine to as many people as possible. A high capacity drone power source was developed for these extended missions. These power sources are scarce and incredibly valuable.  Some of the remaining population congregates in urban areas. Others, such as Kitch, are living in isolation on the outskirts. These people are called fringers.


While the film and show are finished for now, you can still contribute your ideas to help expand the “Rotorverse” and brainstorm new projects with the community.
Head over to our Forum, YouTube and Facebook to contribute your thoughts, ideas and opinions on various story and production elements.

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