Chad Kapper – Director/Executive Producer

Chad Kapper is president of StoneKap Entertainment and has over 16 years of directing experience both in narrative film and video. Through StoneKap and Flite Test, Chad is dedicated to creating quality new media that involves, educates and inspires the audience. He has sold two of his companies, and had the opportunity to direct a feature film with Pure Flix Entertainment in 2009. As president of StoneKap, Chad’s goal is to create excellent new media through community collaboration by pioneering new methods of creative development. Rotor DR1 is Chad’s first film conceived as community collaborated entertainment.

Tom Nicholson – Producer

Tom Nicholson is a Los Angeles-based first assistant director and producer. Over the past nine years, Tom has worked on more than 40 feature films and numerous Spike, Discovery and National Geographic TV shows. He also has several second unit directing credits, and previously worked with Chad Kapper on the 2009 Pure Flix film “Sarah’s Choice.” In addition to producing, Tom played the character 4C in Rotor DR1, and was involved with creative development and social media, wearing many hats to help make Rotor DR1 better.

Tyler Clark – Director of Photography

Tyler Clark is StoneKap’s resident director of photography. He has worked on various narrative and commercial shoots, and Rotor DR1 represents his first feature film as cinematographer. After spending several years working in retail explaining camera equipment to soccer moms, Tyler has become knowledgeable in all aspects of cameras and photography. The Rotor DR1 concept trailer served as Tyler’s audition for the chance to shoot Rotor DR1, and he was subsequently named the director of photography. Tyler brought talent and humility to Rotor DR1, which proved to be a huge help during community collaborated filmmaking process.

Steve Moses – Writer/Creative Consultant

As a writer, Steve Moses draws upon his experience working in creative environments all over the world. Prior to working on Rotor DR1, Steve spent 5 years living in Shanghai teaching English to young children. While in Shanghai, Steve also did software design both privately as well as for large companies. He is a game developer by trade, and prides himself on being a software type that knows how to write. In addition to his writing duties, Steve made his acting debut in Rotor DR1 as the character Hashtag, a salesman based on himself in a former life.

Megan Ryberg – Writer/Content Producer/Forum Encyclopedia

Megan Ryberg is StoneKap’s written content developer. Megan’s involvement on Rotor DR1 began as a community member before expanding into writing. She manages the social media pages and is the self-appointed Rotor DR1 forum encyclopedia. Her enthusiasm for the project led her to perform many additional duties on Rotor DR1, including script supervisor, production assistant, stand-in, extra, A.C., boom operator and marketing consultant. Megan has played percussion for 15 years, has a Bachelor’s degree in moving heavy equipment, and is obsessed with everything film, sound and music.

James Waters II – Unit Production Manager/First Assistant Director

James Waters II is a graduate of Bowling Green State University’s Film Studies program. He honed his skills working in commercial and music video production in Chicago and L.A. before returning to Ohio in 2004. Since then, he’s worked as a promoter and producer on several award-winning productions. As an educator, James instructed and mentored media students at Stark State College until being named director of the Canton Film Festival in 2011, where he dedicates most of his time and energies toward the advancement of the arts. On Rotor DR1, James served as the logistics ninja, locking down locations and coordinating the crew at lightning speed.

Patrick Casteel – Editor/Composer

Patrick Casteel is the lead editor at StoneKap. Patrick has worked on a variety of StoneKap projects over the past nine months, as well as many side projects, including the crowd funded feature Contract: Redemption, multiple short films, music videos and marketing material for various companies. He brings a love of Sci-Fi and narrative to Rotor DR1, and has embraced the opportunity to hone his craft throughout the project. Patrick edited all the Rotor DR1 web series episodes, in addition to composing the music and playing the character AJ. He also worked in the sound department on The Invitation, which won Best Short Film at the Canton Film Festival in 2013.

Darryl Parson – Production Designer

Darryl Parson is the resident technical director for the Players Guild Theatre in Canton, Ohio. Since joining the Guild staff in 2011, Darryl has been building and implementing the technical elements for Guild productions. A Canton native, Darryl has worked in film, television, live attractions and theatre as an effects coordinator as well as a production designer. Darryl served as production designer on Rotor DR1, bringing the post-apocalyptic Rotor DR1 world to life. Darryl spends his Octobers running the Factory of Terror in Canton, the Guinness World Record holder for longest walk-through horror house.

Eric Monroe – Drone Pilot

Eric Monroe is the owner of Shadow Studios, a creative multimedia production company. Eric previously served as a camera operator for Flite Test, and has been building and piloting drones for over a decade. He designed one of the first multi-rotor helicopters to have retractable landing gear, and is an accomplished drone pilot. Eric has also traveled as a yo-yo demonstrator for Universal Studios/Sports Illustrated, and has flown the Goodyear blimp. Eric built drone frames and piloted the drones on Rotor DR1, and dedicated much of his time on set to sharing his vast knowledge of coffee.

John Pinkerton – Props/Wardrobe/Makeup

John Pinkerton is a designer, sculptor and special make-up effects artist in the Canton, Ohio area. John describes his style as “creepy cute,” and his work encompasses everything from masks and sculptures to photography. He did all the wardrobe and makeup on Rotor DR1, and designed and built the body of DR1. John was also featured as a pumpkin carver on the Food Network Challenge “Outrageous Pumpkins 2” in 2010.


Christian Kapper – Kitch
Natalie Welch – Maya
Steve Moses – Hashtag
Tom Nicholson – 4C
Bruno Gunn – Jax

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    Robert Reed December 27, 2014 at 10:08 am -

    Everyone was fun to work with…hoping for season 2 😉

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