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    WATCH - 19 October 2015 , by admin



KITCH - Christian Kapper

MAYA - Natalie Welch

JAX - Bruno Gunn

HASHTAG - Steve Moses


4C - Thomas E. Nicholson

RICK - Rick Montgomery

AJ - Patrick Casteel

GREG - Ryker Marsh

THUG - John Pinkerton

DRONE HUNTER - David Windestål

CAMP LEADER - Rick Montgomery

CAMP GUARD - Jon Uminski


CLAIRE - Claire Plishka

HANNAH - Jane Plishka



Chad Kapper - Director/Executive Producer

Thomas E. Nicholson - Producer

Tyler Clark - Director of Photography

Steve Moses - Writer/Creative Consultant

Megan Ryberg - Writer/Content Producer

Scott Windhauser - Writer

James Waters II - Unit Production Manager/First Assistant Director

Patrick Casteel - Editor/Composer

Ryan Galbraith - Behind-the-Scenes Maker

Darryl Parson - Production Designer

Magan McLaughlin - Art Dept. Coordinator

Eric Monroe - Drone Pilot

Chris Roncaglione - Drone Pilot

Adam Schaeffer - Drone Pilot

John Pinkerton - Props/Wardrobe/Makeup

Chris Baldwin - Sound Designer/Mixer

Benjamin Payne - Sound Mixer

Julian Salem - Sound Mixer

Andrew Spice - Sound Mixer

Jim Biss - Set Photographer

Julee Kapper - Craft Service/Set Mom

Mikey Tell - Grip/Electric swing

Adam Phillips - 1st A.C.

Seth Yergin - Key Set P.A./Writer/P.C

Mitchell Gray - Set P.A.

Kris Leiter - Set P.A.

Howard Sumner - Gaffer

Michael Cameneti - Editor/Music & Composition

Robert Reed - Set P.A.

PJ Mozingo - Key Grip


Chris Pfeiffer

Erika Harris

Robert Dumea - IT

Dave Hayward - Stonekap Operations Manager

Heather Lang

Robert Hallas

Seth Kauderer

Stephen Studer


Lauren International

Flite Test

Kevin Gray

Bob Timken

Flashback Coin Op - Tom Manely + Rose

Kevin + Lila

Arts in Stark

Tommy B Catering

360 Communications Rentals

David Ewing

Steve Lamiel

Enterprise Rent a Car - Canton + North Canton

Canton Film Festival


Jay Oldaker

William Blake

David J. Gingrich

News-Talk 1480 WHBC

Bob Hendershot

Ted Gentsch

PJ Bell

James Pizarro

James Weir

Millerís Services

Canton City Blue Print

The Hub Art Factory

Ambulance Associates

Corning Life Sciences

Richard Eglen

Dave Kenney

Jim Terry

Barbara Mullin

Jeanne Anthony

Valerie Forquer

Lila Guest

Nana Precious Ones


Greg Anderson

Carl and Lisa Boss

Billy Wagner

Gary Little

Tolloty Technology Incubator

Kent State University Tuscarawas

Tuscarawas Community Improvement Corporation

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  • alt_example

    Juan David Gómez February 3, 2015 at 4:55 pm -

    Hey Chad, those few seconds with the top hat made me laugh. You guys are great! Kudos to all your team.

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