Join Us For a Google/YouTube Hangout On Air!

We’re doing a LIVE Google Hangout On Air over on our YouTube channel February 12 at 9PM EST! Join us to learn more about Chad’s recent trip to L.A., see our lovely new office space and talk all things Rotor DR1. We’ll be responding to comments in real-time, so if you have burning questions, ask away!

Join the Hangout here:

google hangout 1 megan steve hangout

Sneak Peek at our New Movie Trailer!

Our film editor Christian Serge has put together a new movie trailer. We’re still working on the final version, and we’d love to hear your thoughts so far. Check it out and let us know what you think in the YouTube comments:

Rotor DR1 - Episode 08 - Humility Screen Shot 2015-02-09 at 2.54.28 PM

Chad Visits Rocket Jump

Chad was recently invited to be part of a workshop at Rocket Jump’s Film School! Rocket Jump pioneered the web series-to-movie structure that served as a model for Rotor DR1. Rocket Jump are the creators of Video Game High School, and they are at the forefront of New Media and community-centric shows/movies. Rocket Jump was one of Rotor DR1′s main inspirations, and we were extremely humbled to have the opportunity to be a part of their workshop.

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